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Velodyne Code Sprint

Velodyne is sponsoring work on a Plug-n-Play interface for the Velodyne HDL series to make these sensors much easier to use and the high-density point clouds easily accessible by developers.


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Ubuntu and Win7 - VLCS HDL Viewer Test
Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It has been fast time since VLCS starting. Keven announces “pcl_hdl_simple_viewer” in Dec. 2012. Now, it supports live mode (network) and recorded file mode (PCAP file) with several visualization format (XYZ, XYZI, XYZRGB). He mainly develops under Linux-Fedora. I have tested and supported under Linux-Ubuntu and Windows 7.

For windows implementation, Hdl_simple_viewer needs WinPcap

Unfortunately, PCAP is not stable under Windows 64bits. It takes a long time to know about it. So, I build up 32-bit development environment.

Ubuntu and Windows test image are shown as belows

  • Recording file mode(PCAP file) - road.pcap from velodyne website.

    Ubuntu XYZ / XYZI / XYZRGB

    Windows XYZ / XYZI / XYZRGB

  • Live mode (Live mode also provides three visualization format).

    Ubuntu / windows

Velodyne Laser Code Sprint (VLCS) Update
Wednesday, December 05, 2012

I’m pleased to announce that PCL now supports the Velodyne High Definition Laser (HDL) -32 and -64 lasers. The interface is provided as a Grabber (HDL_Grabber) and accepts packets from the network (live) or PCAP file (recorded). Two sample programs, pcl_hdl_grabber and pcl_hdl_viewer_simple are provided to demonstrate the capabilities of the system. libpcap-devel is required to build the PCAP reading portions of code.

Sample PCAP Files are provided by Velodyne: http://velodyne.com/lidar/doc/Sample%20sets/HDL-32/

The image below came from the Building-Side.pcap.