Prebuilt binaries for Mac OS X

First, install the 3rd party libraries/dependencies by using our pre-compiled binaries. All the installers are provided as universal binaries.

Point Cloud Library

Mac OS X
PCL_1.6.0.dmg (2012.10.04)


Mac OS X
boost 1.50.0
Eigen 3.1.1
FLANN 1.7.1
VTK with QT support VTK 5.10 and Qt 4.8.2
QHull 2009.1

All the binary installers in the table above have been generated using MacPorts, with the exception of the OpenNI/Sensor package. For those interested in replicating the instructions, please see this wiki development page.

For people that want to use Homebrew instead, our MacOS developer Geoffrey Biggs put together a tutorial under "Installing on Mac OS X using Homebrew".

Known issues

See for a Q&A on known issues regarding the installation and usage of PCL on OS X systems. Also please see Ken Spratlin's notes on compiling trunk from source on MacOS at PCL_Development_Build_-_Mac_OS_X_(15_Nov_2012).pdf (thanks Ken!).