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PCL and Dinast Code Sprint 2012


It is our immense pleasure to announce the beginning of a new PCL Code Sprint sponsored by DINAST: PCL-DINCS!

DINAST, a short range 3D sensor manufacturer known for their IPA infrared cameras, is looking for talented developers that are willing to contribute to two areas in PCL:

  1. a pcl::Grabber camera driver interface for DINAST cameras (standalone BSD open source C++ driver code already available);
  2. a technology demonstrator for real-time 3D collision mapping (e.g., using octree structures) used for motion planning with a mobile manipulator, using multiple IPA 3D cameras.

PCL-DINCS will run for 1.5 months during this summer. The student developer will receive a stipend of $1500 and several IPA 3D cameras. Potential candidates should submit the following information to

  • a brief resume
  • a list of existing PCL contributions (if any)
  • a list of projects (emphasis on open source projects please) that they contributed to in the past

This project requires good C++ programming skills, knowledge of PCL internals and a basic understanding of intrinsic camera parameters.

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