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Open Perception

Over the weekend, in overflowing rooms at the Point Cloud Processing workshop and PCL tutorial at CVPR 2012, Willow Garage proudly announced the creation of Open Perception, Inc. (OP), an independent non-profit foundation, focused on advancing the development and adoption of open source software for 2D and 3D processing of sensory data. For more details about the announcement, please see the official press release.

Open Perception is founded by a global community of researchers and engineers for the benefit of the industrial and research 3D perception communities. The Point Cloud Library (PCL) project represents Open Perception's most important work to date consisting of a large scale, BSD-licensed open project for 3D point cloud processing.

The foundation is set up to receive donations and sponsorship from anyone, and will concentrate on paying developers in the community, giving students travel grants and stipends, organizing open source events, and supporting its projects, such as PCL. The more support OP receives, the more it can do and give back to the entire world.

Open Perception is an open organization. We are welcoming support ranging from a pat on a shoulder, to lines of code and monetary donations. Please visit the foundation's Get Involved! page and see how you can contribute today.

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