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PCL-ORCS kickstart!

Ocular Robotics Open Perception

The joint Open Perception-Ocular Robotics code sprint is ready to start! The sprint will cover an efficient pcl::Grabber driver interface for the RE0x laser sensors, as well as various enhancements to our PCL visualization libraries to be able to handle both larger datasets as well as process data packets coming from these sensors faster. The developer working on the sprint is Pat Marion from Kitware. Pat is already a seasoned PCL coder and has contributed significantly to the iOS and Android port of PCL (see this for more information) and the PCL plugin for ParaView.

We would like to thank all the other candidates for their excellent proposals! We already started following up with each of them individually, as there are many more sprints to come!

[Note: the new blogging page for ORCS will be up within the next few days at]

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