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Point Cloud Data Sets

PCL has a nice data repository, that contains point clouds in the PCD format, which can be easily read using PCL tools. However, there are many other sites with free downloadable data (in various formats). The following is a short list of such sites containing links to data that is free to use for educational work; for other purposes you should see licenses for detail. Also, if you wish to add to this list feel free to submit to the forum or email me directly (hielsber).

  - Robotic 3D Scan Repository
  - Radish: The Robotics Data Set Repository
  - Canadian Planetary Emulation Terrain 3D Mapping Dataset
  - Stanford 3D Scanning Repository
  - ISPRS Test On Extracting DEMs From Point Clouds
  - SmartMultiMedia LiDAR Software and Point Cloud Sample Data
  - Leica Geosystems (projected data)
  - Pseudo-Simulated LiDAR
  - Cyberware Head & Face Color 3D Scanner
  - Autodesk Labs
  - USGS Seamless Data Warehouse
  - USGS Historic DEMs
  - USGS DEMs, geocomm
  - The Digital Michelangelo Project
  - The Chapel Hill Volume Rendering Test Data Set
  - Large Geometric Models Archive, Georgia Tech
  - Virtual Terrain Project (has links to several sources for data)

Article contributed by Matthew Hielsberg.

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