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The recent ICRA (International Conference on Robotics and Automation) research conference hosted another successful PCL tutorial on Friday, May 10. Given the fact that some of the PCL luminaries were present at the event,  this was the perfect opportunity to use the day prior to the event and hold a meeting for a generic "PCL roadmap" discussion.


Taken almost as a scene from a Cosa Nostra movie, the group talked about PCL 1.7, interoperability issues regarding the PointCloud2 format, but also the way to push forward agendas using pcl-developers@ as a forum for discussions. Decisions such as "to break" or not a part of the API have always been open for vote in PCL, and as the code base and the community continue to grow, these decisions and discussions around them are going to be increasingly more important.


Such meetings have been proven to be very beneficial in the past as well for PCL, with all sorts of different collaborations being spawn between participants, some leading to joint research publications, while others resulting in better code contributions. Given that there's a plethora of scientific events being organized each year, we thought about encouraging any developers to propose such single day PCL tutorial sessions, in order to get a chance to meet your fellow colleague developers, but more importantly your users.…

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