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Spectrolab PCL code sprint

It is our pleasure to announce a new code sprint from our host organization, Open Perception, and Spectrolab, a Boeing company. Spectrolab has expressed interest in connection with the potential possibilities that PCL offers, and we will be searching for outstanding candidates to participate in a new code sprint that involves the development of 3D Viewer Software in PCL, as well as an advanced sensor grabber for Spectrolab's SpectroScan3D LIDAR imager.

The sprint will run for 3 months in the spring of 2013. Potential candidates should submit the following information to

  • a brief resume
  • a list of existing PCL contributions (if any)
  • a list of projects (emphasis on open source projects please) that they contributed to in the past

This project requires good C++ programming skills, knowledge of PCL internals and a basic understanding of laser sensors and 3D visualization.

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