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The recent ICRA (International Conference on Robotics and Automation) research conference hosted another successful PCL tutorial on Friday, May 10. Given the fact that some of the PCL luminaries were present at the event,  this was the perfect opportunity to use the day prior to the event and hold a meeting for a generic "PCL roadmap" discussion.


Taken almost as a scene from a Cosa Nostra movie, the group talked about PCL 1.7, interoperability issues regarding the PointCloud2 format, but also the way to push forward agendas using pcl-developers@ as a forum for discussions. Decisions such as "to break" or not a part of the API have always been open for vote in PCL, and as the code base and the community continue to grow, these decisions and discussions around them are going to be increasingly more important.


Such meetings have been proven to be very beneficial in the past as well for PCL, with all sorts of different collaborations being spawn between participants, some leading to joint research publications, while others resulting in better code contributions. Given that there's a plethora of scientific events being organized each year, we thought about encouraging any developers to propose such single day PCL tutorial sessions, in order to get a chance to meet your fellow colleague developers, but more importantly your users.…

Presentation at Smart Libraries for Computer Graphics

Federico Tombari and Alex Ichim will be representing PCL at the Smart Libraries for Computer Graphics event organized by the Eurographics Italian Chapter. They will be giving a talk on the PCL modules, with a focus on registration.

Other famous open source libraries will show off their work: EigenVCGLibSpiderGL, g2o, MeshLab

For more information, check out the event website:

Presentations from the PCL tutorial at RSS 2011

We uploaded some of the presentations given by our team of lecturers at the RSS 2011 PCL tutorial in Los Angeles, CA. Please visit for more information.

We would like to thank the conference organizers (go USC!), our lecturers, and of course, all the participants, for the extremely interesting discussions and all the fun times we had in LA!

Obviously the presentations can only capture a small part of what happened on site, including (what is potentially a world premiere!) our lecturers giving talks from overseas via 3D point clouds, the online coding sessions, and all the crazy Kinect/PSDK hackery that went on.

Hope to see you again at IROS in San Francisco, and thanks again for your continuous interest in PCL!

PCL Tutorial at RSS 2011

Tutorial on 3D Point Cloud Processing: PCL (Point Cloud Library)

July 1, 2011 @ USC in Los Angeles, California (full day)

In conjunction with RSS (Robotics: Science and Systems) 2011


Tutorial Description

With the advent of new, low-cost hardware such as OpenNI compatible cameras and continued efforts in advanced open source 3D point cloud processing, 3D perception gains more and more importance in robotics, as well as other fields. The workshop attempts to motivate new developers and ideas to delve into this subject by offering a tutorial on point cloud processing using the emerging Point Cloud Library (PCL), which presents an advanced and extensive approach to the subject, as well as providing an overview of existing systems applying these techniques. Our goal is to provide an excellent reference material for students and researchers interested in this subject and take our guests through a complete application demonstration (given live) that combines subjects such as filtering, feature estimation, segmentation, registration, object recognition and finally surface reconstruction. The tutorial will be held using OpenNI compatible sensors, so we encourage the audience to bring theirs so we can follow all the steps together. We're…

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